Plastics are Purely Problematic

Why are they so problematic, you ask? Well, for starters, they're everywhere. Ever since the first synthetic plastic (derived from fossil fuels) was invented in 1907, plastics have become ubiquitous. Take a moment to consider your own plastic usage. These are some of the most common forms that you likely encounter on a day-to-day basis: … Continue reading Plastics are Purely Problematic

Improve your Gut (and Overall) Health by Eating…Bacteria!

Eating bacteria may sound like a frightening recommendation, but consider this fact: the human body is equal parts human cells and bacteria. Since the human body is already filled with bacteria, the goal is to make sure the "good" bacteria outnumber the "bad." "Good" vs. "Bad" Bacteria "Bad" bacteria, also known as pathogenic bacteria, cause … Continue reading Improve your Gut (and Overall) Health by Eating…Bacteria!

My Favorite Packaged Snacks

Once you decide to clean up your lifestyle in every way, shape, and form, it can feel overwhelming! There are so many different foods, soaps, drinks, moisturizers, etc., to choose from. Since many of you have asked which brands I trust, which websites I use, which skincare products I recommend, etc., I decided to create … Continue reading My Favorite Packaged Snacks

Transform Your Body into a Fat-adapted, Fat-burning Powerhouse

When I did a complete 180 of my diet about two years ago, it was mostly because I learned this simple (yet surprisingly not well-known) fact: The human body can run on one of two energy sources: sugar or fat. Which is better? After brief consideration of some more facts, I'll let you be the … Continue reading Transform Your Body into a Fat-adapted, Fat-burning Powerhouse

Avoid the Most Pesticide-prone Produce

Heard of the "Dirty Dozen"? (Hint: I'm not referring to the 1967 film.) Reality check: Organic produce can be pricey! In an ideal world, we would buy all of our fruits and vegetables from farmer's markets or the "organic" displays at Whole Foods, but our budgets do not always allow for this. (However, since Amazon's … Continue reading Avoid the Most Pesticide-prone Produce

“Breaker” into Better Sleep

Great news! That ugly breaker box on your wall is about to look a lot prettier! With the flip of a few switches each night, you can "breaker" your way into a better night's sleep! This sounds too simple, right? Wrong! Trust me. It really works! The Omnipresence of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) In our constantly … Continue reading “Breaker” into Better Sleep

3 Biohacks that Yield Radical Results

After my recent post "Eat Toxin-Free Processed Foods," a loyal follower commented, "Have been loving reading these, but it’s definitely a little daunting! I feel like I don’t have the time money or energy to do everything right! (Or at least mostly right)." I could not agree with this reader more! After almost two years … Continue reading 3 Biohacks that Yield Radical Results

Eat Toxin-free Processed Foods

When you grocery shop for processed foods, are you constantly looking at ingredient labels before you add items to your cart? If your answer is "no," this post is an especially important one for you! First, the most important question: Why are toxins in processed foods...toxic? This article by (Physicians for Social Responsibility) puts … Continue reading Eat Toxin-free Processed Foods

The Power of “Don’t”

In this post, I'd like to share one of the simplest, most effective practices I learned last year: Making the switch from using the word "can't" to "don't." It almost seems too basic and insignificant, right? That's what I thought at first, too! However, after a few months of this slight change in vocabulary, I'm … Continue reading The Power of “Don’t”

The Bliss of 80-20

Since writing this blog, I've put myself in the spotlight. Now, more than ever, people comment on my eating, drinking, exercising, and lifestyle habits. Don't get me wrong--I somewhat expected this to happen and am open to all questions and commentary! I don't love being the center of attention in any situation, so it has … Continue reading The Bliss of 80-20