My Takeaways from Well+Good’s “Biohacking: The Next Wave in Women’s Health”

Last week, I attended my first biohacking event (!), sponsored by Well+Good, and heard from some experts in the fields of health and wellness, a.k.a. biohacking superstars. Here's what I learned: Many health recommendations are based on the 24-hour male cycle, which involves a peak of testosterone in the morning and a gradual decrease throughout … Continue reading My Takeaways from Well+Good’s “Biohacking: The Next Wave in Women’s Health”

Jazz up Your Plain, Full-fat Greek Yogurt

Wait, why can't I just eat the pre-flavored yogurt varieties? By definition, all Greek yogurt is healthy, right? Wrong. Let's consider the ways in which FAGE plain Greek yogurt can become unhealthy... The mysterious "fruit" cup Each of the FAGE Total Split Cup yogurts contains at least 16g of added sugar. When pictured, they are … Continue reading Jazz up Your Plain, Full-fat Greek Yogurt

Sidestep that Sneaky Sugar

Do you really know how many grams of sugar you eat each day? If you were to tally it up (and I encourage you to do so!), you may be shocked. We all have those moments when we crave sweet treats like ice cream, cookies, and candy. These sporadic instances are not the topic of … Continue reading Sidestep that Sneaky Sugar

Simply Moisturize and Exfoliate with…Oil?

Yes, you read that correctly. Oil. (Note: Men, this post is for you, too! Your skin is just as important as any woman's!) Over the summer, my good friend recommended that I moisturize my face with Sweet Almond Oil every night to help brighten my skin. Initially, I was a skeptic. I mean, I was … Continue reading Simply Moisturize and Exfoliate with…Oil?


Eat More of Nature’s EGG-cellent Vitamin

It took me awhile to determine which topic to cover in my very first post, but I finally decided on...THE EGG. Now, if you're thinking like I did a couple of years ago, your first thought just now was probably, "But what about the cholesterol?" I honestly didn't even know what cholesterol was until about … Continue reading Eat More of Nature’s EGG-cellent Vitamin