“Breaker” into Better Sleep

Great news! That ugly breaker box on your wall is about to look a lot prettier! With the flip of a few switches each night, you can "breaker" your way into a better night's sleep! This sounds too simple, right? Wrong! Trust me. It really works! The Omnipresence of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) In our constantly … Continue reading “Breaker” into Better Sleep

3 Biohacks that Yield Radical Results

After my recent post "Eat Toxin-Free Processed Foods," a loyal follower commented, "Have been loving reading these, but it’s definitely a little daunting! I feel like I don’t have the time money or energy to do everything right! (Or at least mostly right)." I could not agree with this reader more! After almost two years … Continue reading 3 Biohacks that Yield Radical Results

Eat Toxin-free Processed Foods

When you grocery shop for processed foods, are you constantly looking at ingredient labels before you add items to your cart? If your answer is "no," this post is an especially important one for you! First, the most important question: Why are toxins in processed foods...toxic? This article by psr.org (Physicians for Social Responsibility) puts … Continue reading Eat Toxin-free Processed Foods

The Power of “Don’t”

In this post, I'd like to share one of the simplest, most effective practices I learned last year: Making the switch from using the word "can't" to "don't." It almost seems too basic and insignificant, right? That's what I thought at first, too! However, after a few months of this slight change in vocabulary, I'm … Continue reading The Power of “Don’t”

The Bliss of 80-20

Since writing this blog, I've put myself in the spotlight. Now, more than ever, people comment on my eating, drinking, exercising, and lifestyle habits. Don't get me wrong--I somewhat expected this to happen and am open to all questions and commentary! I don't love being the center of attention in any situation, so it has … Continue reading The Bliss of 80-20

Just. Cook.

Before you freak out and stop reading, understand that by "cook" I really mean "prepare." If you're like me, you don't consider yourself a chef by any means. But, one biohacking principle that is important to understand right off the bat is this: The only food you can truly trust is that which you prepare … Continue reading Just. Cook.

Don’t Let “Decision Fatigue” Dictate Your Choices

What is "decision fatigue"? Surf the web and you'll find many definitions, but my interpretation is this: As humans, we make thousands of decisions each day (and, in this fast-paced world, we make many, many more than our animal relatives and ancestors); because of this, we ultimately hit a point of mental exhaustion. Once this … Continue reading Don’t Let “Decision Fatigue” Dictate Your Choices

Exercise is a Poor Way to Lose Weight

Full disclosure: the title phrase is not my own! Rather, "Exercise is a poor way to lose weight" is a tagline that has been spoken time and again by my friend celebrity trainer Vinnie Tortorich. (Yes, you read that correctly...Vinnie is a trainer, and even he is willing to admit that exercise cannot solve all of … Continue reading Exercise is a Poor Way to Lose Weight

Clean up your Coffee

The Health Benefits of Coffee If you're like me, you always look forward to those first sips of your morning brew...possibly more than you look forward to anything else you'll consume the remainder of the day! No matter how hot or cold it is or how alert or exhausted I am, my morning coffee never … Continue reading Clean up your Coffee

Beware of (most!) Bars

"Energy" and "Protein" bars are marketed as "healthy," but they're usually not! Food conglomerates have (unsurprisingly) taken advantage of our grab-n-go culture. Convenience is key in this fast-paced world, but nutrient-dense, healthy choices are often lost in the shuffle. Before buying/eating something, I often ask myself, "Would my great grandmother recognize this?" If the answer … Continue reading Beware of (most!) Bars