Clean up your Coffee

The Health Benefits of Coffee If you're like me, you always look forward to those first sips of your morning brew...possibly more than you look forward to anything else you'll consume the remainder of the day! No matter how hot or cold it is or how alert or exhausted I am, my morning coffee never … Continue reading Clean up your Coffee

Beware of (most!) Bars

"Energy" and "Protein" bars are marketed as "healthy," but they're usually not! Food conglomerates have (unsurprisingly) taken advantage of our grab-n-go culture. Convenience is key in this fast-paced world, but nutrient-dense, healthy choices are often lost in the shuffle. Before buying/eating something, I often ask myself, "Would my great grandmother recognize this?" If the answer … Continue reading Beware of (most!) Bars

Eat Only Fruit Oils

Some oils are great for our bodies, and some are just terrible! So, which are which? The easiest way to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy oils (in my opinion) is to think fruit oils = good, vegetable oils = bad. Which oils are fruit (good), and which are vegetable (bad)? FRUIT OILS: Olive oil Coconut … Continue reading Eat Only Fruit Oils

Snack like a Smartie

Looking for healthy and satisfying ways to curb those midday hunger pangs? I have some suggestions! First of all, let's tackle some common snacks to avoid: Pretzels Chips Candy Non-fat or low-fat yogurt (especially the sugary kind!) Crackers Anything made with bread Cookies Artificially sweetened snacks Artificially sweetened beverages Cereal Granola bars (The second ingredient … Continue reading Snack like a Smartie

Sidestep that Sneaky Sugar

Do you really know how many grams of sugar you eat each day? If you were to tally it up (and I encourage you to do so!), you may be shocked. We all have those moments when we crave sweet treats like ice cream, cookies, and candy. These sporadic instances are not the topic of … Continue reading Sidestep that Sneaky Sugar


Eat More of Nature’s EGG-cellent Vitamin

It took me awhile to determine which topic to cover in my very first post, but I finally decided on...THE EGG. Now, if you're thinking like I did a couple of years ago, your first thought just now was probably, "But what about the cholesterol?" I honestly didn't even know what cholesterol was until about … Continue reading Eat More of Nature’s EGG-cellent Vitamin