Exercise is a Poor Way to Lose Weight

Full disclosure: the title phrase is not my own! Rather, "Exercise is a poor way to lose weight" is a tagline that has been spoken time and again by my friend celebrity trainer Vinnie Tortorich. (Yes, you read that correctly...Vinnie is a trainer, andĀ even he is willing to admit that exercise cannot solve all of … Continue reading Exercise is a Poor Way to Lose Weight

Clean up your Coffee

The Health Benefits of Coffee If you're like me, you always look forward to those first sips of your morning brew...possibly more than you look forward to anything else you'll consume the remainder of the day! No matter how hot or cold it is or how alert or exhausted I am, my morning coffee never … Continue reading Clean up your Coffee

Embrace All-natural Products

This biohack may feel like a real doozy because, once you realize how many products contain toxic ingredients, the prospect of cleansing your life of all toxins can feel daunting. Trust me, I've been there! However, when tackled slowly and deliberately, switching to all-natural products is not as difficult or burdensome as it may seem. … Continue reading Embrace All-natural Products

My Takeaways from Well+Good’s “Biohacking: The Next Wave in Women’s Health”

Last week, I attended my first biohacking event (!), sponsored by Well+Good, and heard from some experts in the fields of health and wellness, a.k.a. biohacking superstars. Here's what I learned: Many health recommendations are based on the 24-hour male cycle, which involves a peak of testosterone in the morning and a gradual decrease throughout … Continue reading My Takeaways from Well+Good’s “Biohacking: The Next Wave in Women’s Health”